Hello, we are Jenny & Lukas, and after years in Europe's rainiest city, we appreciate wellness days even more!

Here in Norway, there are few spas, so we combine every trip to Germany with a stopover at a thermal bath. Because we always feel so relaxed afterwards, we prefer to spend the night directly at the spa. And because many campers feel the same way, we created the wellness camp app.

JLU freigestellt.png

Who wants to drive after a day spent relaxing?

We know the feeling: you treated yourself to a day of wellness, get into the car, look for a place to stay overnight - and bam! Relaxation gone. To spare us campers this experience, we selected all overnight spots that are within walking distance of thermal baths and spas. For a relaxing night.

wellness lupe 2.png

Relaxation has many faces. How do you like to relax?

There are so many different wellness offers: thermal baths, spas with beauty offers, leisure pools with saunas, and campsites with their own wellness area. You can sometimes lose track of things. To save you from searching forever, you can find information about facilities and prices directly in the app. For thermal baths and sites. This way you can easily choose what you like!


Find the right wellness offer with overnight parking now!

Simply download the app and off you go! Get inspired or filter straight away for what you are looking for.

Ready to wellness-camp?

Download the app for free now!


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