Don't feel like driving after a day at the spa?

Find your perfect wellness place with camper-friendly parking right in front

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Want to continue chilling out in your camper after your wellness day?

No problem! With the wellness camp app you can immediately find all the nearby places to stay overnight

Solarium? Steam bath? Massage? Choose spas and thermal baths according to your preferences. All of them have camper-friendly overnight parking within walking distance!

Choose from over 550 thermal baths and pools with wellness offering in Germany.

Our is now one of the most successful camping apps in Europe, with over 500,000 active users. We know from experience that there are a lot of spa and wellness lovers among our users, which is why the “near a spa” category has been in the app right from the start. Our wellness camp app covers the increased demand for camping in conjunction with wellness and contains comprehensive information on the spa facilities and prices, as well as photos and reviews.


Is this app for free?

Yes, you can try the app without paying for it. But that should actually be intended to ensure that you don't buy a "pig in a poke". If you like the app and/or use it regularly, we trust that you will switch to Pro. It only costs €12.99 (one-off). That's a lot less than most printed spa-guides.
And after all, nobody likes to work for free. 😉

Do I buy a subscription?

Our app is available as a one-time purchase. After paying, you can use it unlimitedly, on multiple devices.
As an alternative, we've recently started offering a subscription, but that's really only worth it for those who definitely only want to go north once.

Can I use the app without an internet connection?

Yes, the pro-version is offline capable. All the necessary data is then located locally on the device. Optionally, you can also load photos and maps for different regions onto your device.

How often is the data updated?

Continuously. New places are reported daily, photos are uploaded and error reports are sent. We are constantly working on these and are also regularly adding new sights.

How do I...?

You can find many useful tips on how the app works here:

> 1,000sites
> 550spas & thermal baths
> 2,000photos & reviews

You are in good company!

What our users say about us

5 / 5

All you can say is thumbs up, a great app that is worth every cent. Keep it up. 👍👍👍

Lupo - Google Play rating
5 / 5

For so much effort and attention to detail, I immediately got the “pro version”! This app is alive and should really be supported!

Sebastian - Google Play rating
5 / 5

Finally an app that leaves nothing to be desired and finds all the places. Great division of free and paid parking spaces and a quick overview of the facilities. It couldn't be better. Congratulations.

Jens - Google Play rating

Ready to wellness-camp?

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